My Itty Bitty Miracle

Well, I wanted to create this post, so that you guys understood what was going on every time I go MIA lol. I have been feeling horrible about it and I think you guys deserve an explanation to why I am not consistent with my posts!! :0)

Meet Peanut, my youngest girl. And who happens to be my itty bitty miracle baby!

Peanut is the nick name she earned while spending two weeks in the NICU, this was taken right after she was born, and then I didn't get to hold her again until I took her home two weeks later, because they rushed her out of my room and up to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Turns out Peanut had two major types of Jaundice (the yellow skin disease) she had the type that turned her skin yellow, which is no biggie there are lights that cure that. BUT, she Also had one type that was rare that attacked her Liver. BIG DEAL!! lol

So on top of only being 4 LBS when she was born, she also had these jaundices!
Jaundice is horrible, it causes the baby to not want to eat, which in Peanuts case was really bad because she was so tiny to begin with.... and the other type of Jaundice she had caused her to just feel icky.

I couldn't touch, hold, or do anything with her while in the NICU, she had tubes everywhere and I big IV in her head. IT was heartbreaking to say the least! I was driving up to the hospital every two hours to feed her (breast milk is one of natures cures for Jaundice) and since she was so tiny she had to eat more often so every two hours I was driving up there no matter what!

Anyhow, Peanut got better after a couple of weeks and came home. Here is a picture taken at home after a few days to adjust.
Just to show how itty bitty she was!!

What can I say I am a diet coke momma! lol But honestly look how tiny! Right?

So anyhow, all was good and well until October came around and Peanut started having a lot of wheezing in her chest. And from October until this very day we have been fighting to find out whats wrong with her. The Dr's are baffled, she does not have RSV (A lung virus that ALOT of preemies get) we could have swore it was RSV but nope! No flu, she got tested for three different kinds of flu.... we just have no idea. They wont diagnose her with Asthma yet, even though myself and my oldest 5 yr old have asthma. So instead were just stumped! She will be seeing a pulmonologist this coming month which is a Lung Dr. so I am happy about that to say the least! We are still doing breathing treatments every 2 hours, and taking lots of medicines.

But ya know? This little girl is such a fighter! She is so strong, and I know she will pull through, but there is nothing like the feeling of hopelessness a mother gets when she nor the Dr's knows whats wrong with her baby!!

Anyhow, here is a current picture of Peanut! Oh ya and she was born on August 31st,2010.

Excuse the side ways view lol

Anyways, that's what happens when I go MIA, I am either super busy or having to take Peanut to Dr's, hospitals, specialists, its never ending!

So please forgive me if I don't post for a couple of days, I promise I have not forgotten about my wonderful readers! 

And yes! I will keep you updated on Peanuts progress and what we find out at the specialist!!

Thanks for being so patient with me!


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

She is so precious :). Keep on fighting little Peanut.

varunner said...

She's just beautiful, and I love what a fighter she is.