Intro To Project Organization 2011 (Project 1)

So, although my home pretty much looks spotless at first sight, sadly, its not. I am SO unorganized it is really crazy! Another problem I have it getting rid of things, I just cant bring myself to do it!! I have to keep everything! lol

So in an effort to get organized, and get my home and myself organized I am doing something called 'Project 2011'. I am giving myself the entire year, since I really am just totally unorganized and at first, had no idea how to go about getting started!

But recently, I happened upon the most wonderful website called 
Tip Junky!!! She has sooo many creative and totally cute worksheet that you can print off, and you can even make an 'Executive Home Binder' it is so cute! I am a sucker for girly things and worksheets, I cant find then hardly anywhere! But oh no, she has got them! I am super excited to get started just because they are so cute!

So the end of next week I will post my progress. And pictures of the before and after the specific project for the week, which by the way which will be about: 'My itty bitty Peanut has more clothes than big Bubba, middle Ladybug, and Mommy and Daddy COMBINED!!!'

Honestly, this little baby certainly does!! It is crazy, but for me, baby clothes, especially itty bitty princess peanuts baby clothes are soooo hard to let go of! They are so adorable and I just cant seem to choose which ones to get rid of and which ones to keep! 

I have to stop there, or I will give away all of the details!

Check back next week!


Sarah Q said...

I'm a new follower. Great background, and I love the Project Organization 2011!

Find us at
xo Sarah from Well-to-Do

Jamie said...

Karissa, Thank you for stopping by my site and saying hi! I'm your newest follower. I love your new project organization plans. I find that those plans are never ending. I look forward to following with you and your project! Happy 2011! ~Jamie