Dot Com Vs. Blog Hosting Sits (eg; blogspt,wordpress,ect.)

I wondered what you guys thought the pros and cons where of .com's vs. blogspot ect?

I was considering becoming a .com, but I am really unsure what all that entails.
Do you get more features?
More Visitors?
Is it easier to find your blog?
Hmmm, for all of my .com readers, what do you like about being a .com? What do you dislike if anything?

Same for my blog hosting site bloggers, what do you like? Dislike? 

I would really love to know, I am trying to learn more and more about blogging as time allows, with three little ones, and a super sick baby... Time does not allow much! lol

Thats where you, my wonderful, supportive, readers come in!!
Please let me know honestly what your opinions are.

What does it take to run a .com site? 
Is it more work?

Ugh, help I am so confused!! 

Thank you so very much!!


Toesthattwinkle! said...

Thank you for posting this becuase I am as confused as you are!

Erica K said...

I switched from blogspot to my own .com because blogspot kept screwing up and loosing comments and deleting posts they felt weren't in their guidelines. It was frustrating but i love that I did the move.

thanks for stopping by my blog. I am following back

Hyla said...

a is just a cover address for your blogspot. All it does is redirect to your blogspot. and if you dont have a ton of readers already than it really is not worth the money if you dont have it. I have not found any benefits to having a dot com besides the fact that I can just say my address easier.

Both of my dot coms redirect to my blogspot pages.
Just keep the blogspot. You'll be keeping it anyway. You will just be paying to redirect.

Redirect is basically someone types in greenearthjourney dot com and it takes them to greenearthjourney dot blogspot dot com and covers the blogspot dot com up in the URL address bar with dot com

Mika said...

Thanks for following!
I'm following you back!
Mika (

Grace Matthews said...

I switched to dot com because it's easier for people to find your blog and I do review and giveaways. A lot of the companies that I work with prefer you to have a dot com website because it looks more professional. It's really a personal preference.

Fellow Blog Hopper:)