Book Review of The Month

I reviewed a book called 'Divine Appointments' by Charlene Ann Baumbich

I absolutely enjoyed reading this book. I am an avid reader anyways, and, when I start a book and get past the first few chapter, its extremely hard for me to put it down before its finished!

So I finished this book in record time, 2 days!

Here is what I thought:
  This book was excellent, Josie Brooks, is a woman fastly approaching the big 5-0...she has yet to be married, have children, or do anything but make herself a very successful career woman. She has no problems finding a job and up and leaving at a moments notice to move on to her next employment opportunity in another state across the country if need be. 

Until she started the job at Diamond Mutual and becomes somewhat close to the employees there...and the bleeding heart of a boss the company has.

And then the snow globe that keeps doing weird things, hmmmm, maybe a change is in order after all.

This is definitely a must read for any strong, independent woman.

I give this book a 8 out of 10

Definitely check it out if you love to read!


Dede said...

I know what it feels like to love a book! I try my best to get through books, but with 6 kids it doesn't always happen quickly ;) Thanks for following my blog: My Life is a Reality Show...I am now returning the favor by being your new follower :)

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