EdenFantasys Review

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
This post is for ADULT EYES ONLY!! Please, if your children are with you, please read this later when you are alone or at least with out the kiddos! :0)

I have spent the better part of the hour on EdenFantasys website!! There are SOOO many things to look at and so many things to choose from! I LOVE IT! Okay, and let me be a bit honest here when I say, I am NOT the least bit adventurous when it comes to 'alone time' with my husband! lol I just cant let loose or get creative, Im really just not sure what the deal is, but there you have it, I am not adventurous. Much to my husbands dismay. So when I told my husband I would be doing a review for this company, you can imagine his genuine SHOCK and after the shock came the laughing at me and saying ya right. lol I cant blame him. Men are just way more open when it comes to things like this, and maybe there are a lot of women who are too, I dont know, I just know that I unforunately am not one of those women.
The point? EdenFantasys has some AWESOME things! Honestly! I have found some really cool things here that I would love to bring home and try out. Shocking right?! I know, but I am trying and this company is going to make it soooo much easier!
My favs so far? Check em out!

This adorable pink heart chemise! Its beautiful right?

There is this super hot Red Devil Outfit, which I think is so cute and my hubby would go gah gah over!

And my absolute favorite? Yep! Its this beautiful Black outfit! And this my dears is the one I WILL be purchasing! What do you think?

Okay, I KNOW what your thinking! lol This is sooo NOT adventurous! But for me, its all about baby steps hunny! I am working up the courage to purchase something like this.....

So there you have it, my first very unfamily friendly post. But I believe that as mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and whatever else, that we should treat ourselves every once in awhile. Most of the time, we make sure that everybody else is taken care of, has what they need, and never go without. So now, take the time to treat yourself!! Take a look at EdenFantasys! They also have great massage kits, oils, candles, all kinds of not so out there products lol. Things that even I would be comfortable buying, and wouldnt be embarrassed if my child somehow found my stash lol. But again, I am trying to be more adventurous! Lets hope I succeed in this journey! ;0)

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Check This Out If You Have Kiddos!

I found this really cool site, where you can watch Disney Channel episodes! And they are full length episodes! I for one, do not see the sense in paying for cable TV, because all of the shows that I really enjoy are on regular TV anyways, and they have a kids channel that plays cartoons 24/7 so its a win win situation for me.

But I know that my kids miss their regular kids shows that they used to watch, so I went and searched for a way for them to see their shows without paying a fortune, and thats when I found THIS!
So now I am super excited, as are my children! It is great! And its a wonderful treat for them, and when they aer acting how they are supposed to. Now they can have the reward of watching an episode of their favorite show on my laptop! Perfect! And by the way, its completely FREE!

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Hey Guys!

Hey Guys! How are things going? Sorry that I have not been around much, I know that I already explained part of the reason (yes tax money and busy with super sick kiddos will do this to ya! :0))

Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that I absolutely had no forgotten about ya! I have been really busy putting together several different reviews and giveaways for you! So you will DEFINITELY want to stay tuned, because let me tell you its going to be great! I promise that you wont want to miss it!

Just a little teaser, I have a wonderful person names Kristiin, who makes the most beautiful items! And the best part?! They are affordable! I am still working with her on the details, ya know trying to iron out the kinks, she is also a super busy mommy but she still find the time to create beautiful things for mommy's and babies! See, I told you, you wont want to miss it right?!

On a side note, my middle child almost 4 yr old Lillybug, is sitting next to me eating a bowl full of fruits and veggies, one of the veggies happens to be cherry tomatoess, and she all of a sudden lights up looks at me and says 'MOMMY!! Look! This is a BABY is SO tiny! And I am NOT going to eat it, I am going to keep it, FOREVER! And I am going to put it in my vanity, is that okay? PLLLEEEAASE say its okay, I just cant eat it, its just a baby!!'

Drama Queen right? lol Sorry it was a mommy moment! She just says some of the most off of the wall things, it cracks me up!

Anyhow, I will be talking your ears off soon! Stay tuned!

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Well! What A Busy Weekend! Here Is The Rundown..Brace Yourselves!

The title says it all! If you havent noticed I am so thankful, if you have I am so sorry. I have been gone all weekend and up until now as a matter of fact, a total of 4 days. I didnt mean for it to happen, but as I am sure you probably know, its the dreaded tax season, and we had filed our taxes two weeks ago, and where supposed to get them back before this last Friday, well as it turns out, they made us wait until the VERY LAST minute and we had them ON Friday! Ugh, stupid tax people! Anyhow, we where already running pretty late on rent this month, because of course we had 'counted our chickens before they hatched' in other words thought 'oh we will have our taxes back in time to pay the rent no problem!' HAHAHA funny, since of course good old tax people waited till the last minute. Anyhow, enough complaining, because we where able to catch up the rent no problem, and thank the Good Lord our Landlord is super understanding. So we spent the entire 4 day weekend, paying bills, and getting the kiddos things that they needed. We had also said for the entire year that if we could pay off all of the bills that we would buy each person one thing that they my middle daughter Lillybug wanted a 'Baby Alive' the one that you can really feed and give bottles too and she dirties her diapers and 'Turns into a REAL baby Mommy, like what you have!!!' So thats what she got, funny thing though she played with it for two days, dirtying all of the babies diapers and then some of her sisters diapers and now its laying in the closet all alone and diaperless! Go figure!

My oldest one Micah our only son, asked for a robot, so daddy of course had the time of his life choosing his robot, and he ended up with 'Stinky The Trash Truck' which if I do say so myself is actually REALLY cool! He says all types of things, and stands up and moves around and just does some awesome things!

My youngest little girl, got a Jumperoo thingy, she is only around 6 months now, and itty bitty, so she cant touch the ground just yet, and so far does not like the thing! lol But its something that she will grow into! And it was the coolest one we could find so it will have to do, here is hoping she grows to like the darned thing! :0)

BTW thats not my Peanut, this is a stock photo lol

Anyhow, then Hubby had been wanting a new TV because the one that we had, was super small, and honestly you couldnt even read the subtitles! Like the ones on movies when they are speaking a different language? Ya it pretty much stunk, although, if it was Spanish we where alright, since hubby speaks and understands it, and I understand a bit of it...but any other language and we where lost throughout the entire movie! lol It was quite comical with both of us trying to figure out what was going on just by the actions, more times than not I think we where probably wrong :0) !
So we searched and searched, and had to do a lot of research since there are so many different types of HDTV, LED, on and so forth. We finallly decided on a  42" LED, HDTV Toshiba, and I cant say enough about how much we are loving this TV!

This is what ours looks like, except we do not have it on the stand, it is instead, mounted onto our entertainment stand for it.
This is the very first time in 6 years that we have ever owned anything this nice. So to say we feel blessed, is an understatment.

So to say the least, we have been super busy, getting things taken care of! But I wanted to update you guys, and I will be posting some giveaways, and some new things today so be ready!!

Thank you for being so patient with me! I truly appreciate it!

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Another Childrens Clothing Swap, OutGrowingIn

I wanted to tell you guys about another childrens' clothing swap site I found! This is kind of like ThredUp, only they also include Maternity wear!! 
Here is what they say:

Quick and Easy Children's Clothing Swap! Why buy new clothes for kids, when you can swap 'em for a fraction of the price? Sign up for Free today! And, Shipping is only $3!

Here is the link!!

CSN Review/Giveaway Coming Up

I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about!
I went and looked at a few items and let me tell you! They have SO much to look at and choose from! It's crazy! They have over 200 stores that you can look at and choose over thousands of items! They have things ranging from baby clothes, swingsets, kitchen appliances, even things for your pets! I have found several items that I would LOVE to have! They have some super cute purses and wallets that I adore, they have some amazing cribs and nursery sets that I would LOVE to have! And the best part is, they are REASONABLY PRICED!!! Honestly, this is one of the best one stop shopping places I have seen!
Check them out!! I promise they have something for everyone!

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Alrighty guys, I have got two (at least that is how many I can find at this point) 20% off codes for Diapers bought off of as I am sure many of you know, these come in really useful because has some of the BEST priced diapers around! Paired with these coupon codes, you could get a SUPER deal on a huge box of diapers!!
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CVS Shopping Trip Spent -$.65 saved $80.48

Thats right! You definitely read that right, I MADE $0.65 off CVS for this shopping trip!!! Dont ask me how, usually I think you have to add an item to make up for the money, but I think this guy was new and didnt really know what he was doing, so he opened the drawer and handed me the $0.65 that it said I had made! I would have corrected him, except I am not sure of the policy on this....and they where pretty busy. So shame on me, but hey how exciting is that?!

Anyhow, here is the breakdown!!

7 Excedrin Medicines, various different ones, some migraine, some back and body ect on sale $1.99
2 All Laundry Detergents on sale $7.49 Buy One Get One Free
2 Ghirardelli Chocolates on sale $3.00

Total before Coupons- $27.42 plus tax

Used 7 Excedrin $2.50 off any product coupons
and use 2 $1.00 of any All Laundry Detergent coupons

Paid -$0.65

Super Saving Sunday CVS Trip Spent $0.47 Saved $48.65!!! Trip #1

Well, I had made a previous trip to CVS, which I will post next, but here is the most recent trip which I made tonight.
As you are aware I am sure, CVS had Excedrin Medicines on sale for $1.99 ea. so I picked up 7 in the previous trip, and then decided to go back tonight to see if they had restocked the Excedrine PM...luckily they had, but they had only restocked 3!! UGH, so anyways here is a break down of what I purchased tonight!

3 Excedrin PM
2 Excedrin Back and Body
2 Excedrin Migraine
1 Zantac 150

Total before Coupons = $22.92 plus tax

used (7) $2.50 off any Excedrin product coupons that I got at Walgreens on the aisle
+ used 1 $5 off any Zantac product

Total after coupons = $0.47

Plus I received a $3 ECB for purchasing the Zantac!!!

Cant beat that right?!


You can go HERE  to sign up to be a CVS Advisor!! The best part? They pay with ECB's for your participation in the surveys!!!

This is what the site says about the panel

We’ve created the CVS Advisor panel to gather your input about CVS stores, products and services. In addition we’d like to hear your suggestions for how we can improve CVS. Your guidance is especially valuable as we strive to make your shopping experiences at CVS the best they can be.

Throughout the year, we will send you invitations to participate in online surveys about CVS products and services. If you choose to participate in our surveys, we will thank you for your time by providing you with a self-printable CVS ExtraBucks coupon immediately after completing our survey. Becoming a member of ExtraCare and the CVS Advisor Panel is FREE. (Note: Advisor Members are eligible to receive CVS ExtraBucks coupons for surveys that are completed after the initial membership survey.)

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You can see if this will work for you, I got to enter my information, and a pop up window came up but it didnt say Gracias or anything like it, so we will see if I receive it or not!

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There is a site called Sponsored Reviews that I just joined, and so far I am really liking them! They are actually very easy to use, and they have a great business base for us bloggers who are looking to earn a little money doing what we love to! If you are a blogger, and would like to earn a little extra cash (who doesnt in this economy right?) then I would really suggest looking into them! You can simply click the picture below to sign up, and let me tell ya, signing up is super easy!

Do you know of any other sites like this? Are you apart of any? I would LOVE to hear who you use, and why you like them!

Thanks guys!

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Have You Heard Of Them?

Parent Reviewers? I have never heard of them, but just came across their blog...and I am wondering do directories like theirs really work? Hmmm. Go here to see what I am talking about...

Do you use directories like this? Do you find that you get more traffic? More followers? What are your thoughts and opinions on it?


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National Consumer Panel isn’t an online site, it’s actually something you can do from home and while you are at the Grocery Store. All you do is scan all the items you are purchasing and all the coupons you use. Then Nielsen takes that data and Companies use the data in making decisions about products. It’s a great way to have influence and earn great prizes at the same time!
It can be difficult to get into the National Consumer Panel because they only take people in areas where they have openings but if you haven’t signed up yet you’ll want to go ahead and sign up then cross your fingers to see if you get in. :) I want to be honest and say that just like any other survey company this one might not be the program for you, but if you don’t think you would mind scanning what your purchasing than I have had several readers have great success with this program.

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