EdenFantasys Review

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
This post is for ADULT EYES ONLY!! Please, if your children are with you, please read this later when you are alone or at least with out the kiddos! :0)

I have spent the better part of the hour on EdenFantasys website!! There are SOOO many things to look at and so many things to choose from! I LOVE IT! Okay, and let me be a bit honest here when I say, I am NOT the least bit adventurous when it comes to 'alone time' with my husband! lol I just cant let loose or get creative, Im really just not sure what the deal is, but there you have it, I am not adventurous. Much to my husbands dismay. So when I told my husband I would be doing a review for this company, you can imagine his genuine SHOCK and after the shock came the laughing at me and saying ya right. lol I cant blame him. Men are just way more open when it comes to things like this, and maybe there are a lot of women who are too, I dont know, I just know that I unforunately am not one of those women.
The point? EdenFantasys has some AWESOME things! Honestly! I have found some really cool things here that I would love to bring home and try out. Shocking right?! I know, but I am trying and this company is going to make it soooo much easier!
My favs so far? Check em out!

This adorable pink heart chemise! Its beautiful right?

There is this super hot Red Devil Outfit, which I think is so cute and my hubby would go gah gah over!

And my absolute favorite? Yep! Its this beautiful Black outfit! And this my dears is the one I WILL be purchasing! What do you think?

Okay, I KNOW what your thinking! lol This is sooo NOT adventurous! But for me, its all about baby steps hunny! I am working up the courage to purchase something like this.....

So there you have it, my first very unfamily friendly post. But I believe that as mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and whatever else, that we should treat ourselves every once in awhile. Most of the time, we make sure that everybody else is taken care of, has what they need, and never go without. So now, take the time to treat yourself!! Take a look at EdenFantasys! They also have great massage kits, oils, candles, all kinds of not so out there products lol. Things that even I would be comfortable buying, and wouldnt be embarrassed if my child somehow found my stash lol. But again, I am trying to be more adventurous! Lets hope I succeed in this journey! ;0)

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