Hey Guys!

Hey Guys! How are things going? Sorry that I have not been around much, I know that I already explained part of the reason (yes tax money and busy with super sick kiddos will do this to ya! :0))

Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that I absolutely had no forgotten about ya! I have been really busy putting together several different reviews and giveaways for you! So you will DEFINITELY want to stay tuned, because let me tell you its going to be great! I promise that you wont want to miss it!

Just a little teaser, I have a wonderful person names Kristiin, who makes the most beautiful items! And the best part?! They are affordable! I am still working with her on the details, ya know trying to iron out the kinks, she is also a super busy mommy but she still find the time to create beautiful things for mommy's and babies! See, I told you, you wont want to miss it right?!

On a side note, my middle child almost 4 yr old Lillybug, is sitting next to me eating a bowl full of fruits and veggies, one of the veggies happens to be cherry tomatoess, and she all of a sudden lights up looks at me and says 'MOMMY!! Look! This is a BABY is SO tiny! And I am NOT going to eat it, I am going to keep it, FOREVER! And I am going to put it in my vanity, is that okay? PLLLEEEAASE say its okay, I just cant eat it, its just a baby!!'

Drama Queen right? lol Sorry it was a mommy moment! She just says some of the most off of the wall things, it cracks me up!

Anyhow, I will be talking your ears off soon! Stay tuned!

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