My CVS Super Savin Saturday Post! $83.19 worth for $23.36

This is actually for last week, Jan.8.

I bought King size Candy bar $1.59
3 boxes of cereal $10.00
3 Loreal Makeup marked down 75% $8.62
4 Axe Products $20.00
2 Herbal Essence Hair Products $6.00
4 Starbucks Frappes $20.00
4 Air Wick Products $20.00

I received $38.59 in ECB's 

I used  $48.50 in coupons!!

I wished I had kept a list of the coupons I had used, sorry I will be sure to do that tonight, so you know exactly how I got my total so low out of pocket.

I hope that this is somewhat inspiring to start clipping coupons and using them! They truly do help, and I don't spend too long clipping either, I will usually do it while we watch a movie over the weekend!

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singlemom2008 said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on "Things are a changing!" post. As I was writing this post I was hoping that parents would read it (as I laughed to myself about my daughters comments) and comment because I think we all can relate in one way or another. Children are just so different these days from when we grew up...LOL.

I admire this post, because CVS is really the last place that I really think about using coupons, yet it is probably the easiest. I always use my "extra care card" but always forget the coupons, the extra care coupons, etc. after reading this I am going to start paying more attention to coupon usage and be more focused and organized. Great inspiring post. Looking forward to reading more.