A New Walgreens Deal (will vary store to store)

Well, if you are anything like me, I cannot pass up a great deal on something that is just adorable! I just got back from my Walgreens up the street and they had these super CUTE little buildings that light up, and they have little people and Christmas trees that you put around the super cute building...and guess how much they where?!

They where on sale for ONLY $0.99!!! And there are like 5-6 different little buildings and people and such, so you could create a whole light up town for like $5-$6 bucks! And I promise they are just the cutest little things I have ever seen!!

I picked up three of them tonight and plan to go back tomorrow and get the rest of the little buildings I still need to create my town.

I just LOVE it, I will be posting pictures of them later tonight when I can get my camera to load onto my computer, for some reason its giving me lots of troubles!

Look for a post coming up about my new awesome camera that hubby bought me the other day at Walmart for an awesome price! Oh ya, and its not the camera that's giving me trouble its my darn computer, so don't think bad things about my lovely, wonderful, awesome camera! lol

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