Good Morning!

Sorry, I have been MIA for a couple of days!

At the beginning of the week, myself and my little 3 mo. old where really really sick. 
So I took her to her Dr. only to find out the she probably has RSV (I virus preemie babies get, that can be VERY dangerous!) and would most likely turn into an asthmatic as soon as she was old enough to be diagnosed with it. So they started her on steroids and breathing treatments at home...and we shall see how it goes. If it goes well, we will continue at home, if not, than she will have to be hospitalized.

So then, me being an asthmatic also, knew I had a lung infection, and that it would turn into pneumonia really quickly if I didn't get started on meds I went to the ER and what do ya know? It has already turned into a horrible I started antibiotics and steroids at home also with breathing treatments. 

They wanted to admit me to the hospital, but at about that time, my cell phone rings and its the school calling to come pick my son up because he is throwing up everywhere!!! 

UGH it never ends!! lol

Mind you, my son is the only other one with asthma also so we have to be careful with him too!

Luckily it is now Friday and everybody appears to be heading down the road to good health once more. So praying and hoping its not a trick! 

I'm hoping to be able to post some things today, if not I will for sure be back this weekend!!

Thank you for being so patient!!

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