Do It Yourself Bath Salts

Now this idea is super cool....and super cheap if you wanted to make it for several of your family members.
All you need is:
1 bag/box of Epsom Salt
box of baking soda
Food Coloring (would be cute to use red and white for a candy cane effect)
a bottle of scented oils (again can use peppermint for the candy cane)
and then a mason jar or something like it to put your salts in
Ribbon and tags to write directions on!

Bath Salt Recipe:
Mix 1/4 cup baking soda to every 1 cup of Epsom salt
add food coloring
then lay your salts out to dry on a wax paper or something similiar (takes about 1-2 hours)
add them to your decorative jars
and here are the Directions for your tags,
Use 1/3-1 Tablespoon per bath
Stir around in water for a few seconds
Sit back and enjoy!!

How EASY was that??! Not to mention CHEAP right? You can pick up the jars or bottles from a thrift store, and now you have a super easy, and cheap gift that most women LOVE! Plus if you found the right scent I am sure a man would use this, probably not as often as a woman, and maybe only once but hey! It works!
K, I gotta run, so I will be posting pictures of this later on today!!
Have a wonderful day all of you money savers out there!!

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