Mommy's Where Do You Keep YOUR Toys?!?!

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Okay, so remember a couple weeks ago, I told you about this GREAT site called 'EdenFantasys'??
Well, if you remember correctly, I told you, that I am taking baby steps in this sex exploration type sorry not sure how else to word my 'issues'. Its just I am so very modest, I am NOT the type that likes to try new things...but I tell you what, I told my hubby about my gift certificate, and pulled up the site for him to look at, and WOW can I just say that he would take ONE of EVERYTHING!!! Holy Moly!

So anyhow, we started talking about where we would hide the goodies we where ordering...and he said, 'oh we can just put them in the closet' HAHAHAHA Are you kidding me?! My kids will get into every nook and cranny of our home to look for new,cool, fun looking, things to play with! And let me just tell you They would be soooo super excited to find our new toys! lol Yes, I know I said I was gonna order the lingerie to start with, but hubby kind of took over in that area of our shopping!! And lingerie was the last thing on his mind at the time!

Anyhow, so now I wanna talk to you about storage of your precious toys!! EdenFantasys offers so many super cute storage units for your precious cargo!! Let me show you a few of them that have caught my eye....

This one is $24.99 and has a combo lock on it

I love the Croc skin look on this one, plus lock with key! And GREAT price $44.99

This is for 1 special toy..and is too cute!! $8.99

I like this one too, since it offers the lock and key $44.99

And the ultimate toy box?!?! Check this one out!!!
This one has multiple compartments, and has a wonderful lock and key, its not one that has the little lock that hangs, the lock is actually built into the toy box!! Plus its super cute, and totally my style!! But at $104.99 I am gonna have to save up for awhile before I can purchase this baby!!! Go check it out here, at EdenFantasys...look at its fantastic description!! I <3 it SO much!!

So ladies, where do you keep your 'toys'?? And, are you ever afraid of your kiddos finding the most horrible of times (when lets says the in laws are over for dinner?! LOL)

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