Free $20 Credit To Mini Social

Mini Social is a daily deal site for moms and children! And with the $20 credit, you could really get a lot of different items and several different ones in one order, because they are so cheap!
In order to get your $20 Credit go HERE and sign up for an account, and then just refer 5 friends! Thats it! Simple right? And then, when those friends buy something, anything, with their $20 Credits, you will earn another $10 dollars! And there is no limit to the amount you are able to earn! Check out some of the cute things they have for sale today....
Really they just have a ton of cute things, I think I am going to buy one of these super cute and comfy looking cotton dresses with my credit!

Oh! AND, they have an entire section  of Baby clothes, and items and regular items that are all $15 and under, and then $10 and Under!! Awesome Right?! I just love this site!! Go check it out and get your credit so you can try them out!!! Oh and by the way, this promotion will only last until March 13th! So HURRY!

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