How Do You Stay Organized???

So as you may know, I am trying my very best to get organized. I have sooo many photos in my camera that are there so that I can create a blog post about the simple organizing projects I have done so far...but ummm, ya there they sit, in my camera instead of here on my blog! Ugh! It seems like, I sit here and think, 'okay, I need to create this post and that post...oh yes, and lets not forget the post that was supposed to be done LAST week!! I just cant seem to get a handle on my daily activities and my blogging activities.

I cant remember to create the posts that need to be done, plus make sure the house is clean, kids are fed, kids are clean, doing what they are supposed to of course taking care of the baby who cries every two hours for food, and every 30 minutes for her diaper to be changed.

So, in an effort to become organized, and to remember what needs to be done when, I created a Home Makers Binder...have you used one of these before? I found so many different sites that have different variations of this, and in the end decided to go with the cutest one I found (because in my head, the cuteness of it would cause me to WANT to use it!) All of the printables where that was a big bonus!

Anyhow, here is a peek at my Binder:


And, for the Blogging Schedule Sheets, she has not added them to her site yet, but a WONDERFUL and talented Woman named Melody created it for me, and she has this site here, and offers lots of printables for a Home Management Notebook, and also has the option to purchase an entire Home Management Notebook, to see it please go here, and yes I encourage you to check her out!! Completely talented!
Alright, alright I am done bragging about her talent, back to the topic at hand. As you can see, I haven't actually USED any of the pages in my notebook, which obviously does NOT help me overcome this unorganized problem that I have!! But I am trying, and honestly, I used the Blogging sheets first and used them as soon as I printed them, because I am having a hard time balancing blogging and home organization at the same time! But, the point is, is that I am trying, and I am going to really give this home management binder a whirl, and see if it will help me, if I actually remember to utilize it! lol Wish me luck, K?

So, my question: How do you stay organized? Do you use any organizing sheets? Home Management Binders? What? What works for you? PLEASE SHARE YOUR SECRETS!! And please feel free to share any free printable links that you might use or have or know about that have helped you in the past!!

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