Scentsy Review and GREAT Discount Code

I'm sure by now, a lot of you guys have heard about Scentsy products...but if not, let me tell you ALL about them!! These things are AWESOME, especially if you have pets or kids!
Dawn was gracious enough to send me a plug in warmer that is zebra print...and also a bar of wax called 'You Go Girl' which is the one I chose!! It smells EXCELLENT!

This warmer is plugged in a socket in my living room and you can smell it in the living room, dining room and kitchen..which are all somewhat connected. I absolutely LOVE it! And the kids can touch the warm wax and it will NOT burn them, which is actually a great thing since both of my kids just had to 'test that theory'!!! LOL

Anyhow, Dawn is offering that when you buy ANY warmer you will receive a FREE Scentsy  Bar (like the one pictured above)! In order to get in on this GREAT deal...all you have to do is go HERE you will be ordering from the 'Blog Party' and to get your free warmer(s), after you place your order, email her directly the scent(s) that you would like! Its that simple, but please remember to email her your name and the scent(s) you want, since the expense is coming out of her pocket, it will not work if you add it to your 'cart' at checkout!

You have until May 27 to place your orders friends! So what are you waiting for?!
Have you guys used Scentsy before? What are your favorite scents? I love all of the Romance Collection!!

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